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Avalanche Blogger Roundtable, Day 3

Day 3 of the Roundtable takes us to some new faces for the Avalanche Blogger Roundtable.  First up it's Adam Hersh of An Avalanche of Thoughts. He's hosting our first question of the day regarding new bench boss Joe Sacco:

If you could make one suggestion to Joe Sacco for his first season behind the bench in the Show, what would it be?

Then it's Nic, the one man show that is Avaholics Anonymous. He drew the following question:

What will be the most successful change Sacco will bring to the team? Why?

Make sure you head over to both blogs and check out our thoughts on the new scapegoat.

Also, if you missed the fun from the last two days, Day 1 is here and here, while the info that can only be contained by Day 2 is here.