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Avalanche Blogger Roundtable, Day 5


The Colorado Avalanche Bloggers Roundtable rolls into the midway point with two new faces for the faithful.  Check out Brian Thompson, the Colorado Avalanche Examiner as he turns his examining eye on the Roundtable and hosts the first of today's hot topics.  We're taking a look back at the 2009-2010 offseason and taking stock of what the Av's front office did over the summer:

What is one 2009 offseason executive decision you thought was genius and one executive decision that you thought was horrible?

Click through to his site for all the answers you can stomach. Then tell us how wrong we really are.

Sean Payton from the beautifully named Anyone But Detroit steps to the plate for the second part of today's fun and adventure when he leads our stalwart group on a look forward with the players the Avalanche brass have assembled:

Is there a core set of players on the team RIGHT NOW that, if they hit their realistic potentials, could lead this team to a legitimate cup run?

Jump on over to Sean's site for our brilliant insight!


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