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Dater on NHL's Opening Night Blackout

Adrian has a solid story up for the Post about the DirecTV / Versus / NHL fiasco which includes a really interesting quote. No, I don't mean the quote from me at the end, but this one from DirecTV's VP of PR:

If we don't have a deal with Versus by the time hockey season starts, DirecTV would certainly be open to putting these games up for our customers while we continue to negotiate


Even though Versus responded to that with, essientially, "I know you are but what am I", it's encouraging and is the first real sign that I have seen that there's a chance - a slim chance - that this stupidity will be resolved by opening night. Personally, I think all three parties need to be locked in a room and forced to watch nothing but Versus programming until this whole mess is resolved. Right now we've got "The Buck Stops Here" followed by "Realtree's Monster Bulls". Enjoy!