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Avalanche Blogger Roundtable, Day 9


In the home stretch with this year's version of the Roundtable! Time to nut up or shut up! Today we visit old friend and MHH member Shane over at Avalanche Talk. He got the very personal, very emotional question:

How is this season going to be different than previous seasons for you?

Later in the day, new guy Grant over at Hockeyism makes his MHH debut by hosting possibly the most specific question of this year's Roundtable:

What are your realistic expectations for the Avs on this beastly seven-game road trip that comes just two games into the season (Oct. 8-21)?

Make sure to visit the hosting blogs and comment early and often (or as soon as they post the actual stories since I'm writing this in the past.) Vote in today's poll where you can weigh in on the second question of the day.

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