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Meet The Rookies

As I may have mentioned once or twice, tomorrow marks the start of rookie camp for the Colorado Avalanche. In many cases, it will serve as your first opportunity to see future Avalanche players on the ice. In some cases, the future will be soon; 10 players who attended rookie camp last year ended up with the Avalanche at some point last year: (Dupuis, Galiardi, Hensick, Jones, Stewart, Campbell, Macias, O'Neill, Vernace and Peltier).

This year's rookie camp roster is here - 14 forwards, 12 defensemen and 4 goalies. Some notables, some not-so-notables. There's also some repeats, as 10 of the 30 also attended rookie camp last year (Burki, Fritsche, Tessier, Chouinard, Macias, Gaunce, O'Neill, Peltier, Cann, Delmas).

Throughout the day, I'm going to highlight some of the key players to get a little better handle of what they bring to the table and what we might expect from them this year. Any guesses as to who I'll kick things off with?