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Meet the Rookies: Kelsey Tessier



5'9" 169 lbs, Center, Age 19

Kelsey Tessier will be attending his 2nd rookie camp, as he attended last year after being drafted in the 4th round of the 2008 draft. Tessier is a smallish, playmaking center for the Quebec Remparts - you know, the QMJHL club owned by Patrick Roy. Over his 3 junior seasons to date, Tessier has 191 points in 195 games. Will he be big enough for the NHL, though?

Outlook: Tessier has no contract with the Avalanche and will be returning to the Q next season (that #74 he was assigned by the club reinforces that). There was some definite buzz about him during development camp in July, so he's one worth keeping an eye on for the future.