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Winter Classic Live Thread

Happy New Year, everyone. The Avalanche are off today, but there's some Winter Classic thing going on at Boston's Fenway Park. Frankly, I'm more interested in nursing my hangover than I am about anything else, and I think I'll be moving my sluggish carcass over to the couch shortly. For those who are around, you can hang out here or head on over to Stanley Cup of Chowder or Broad Street Hockey. Both of those sites will have live threads (and both have a writer at the game). For those who've been to Broad Street before and were thwarted by the 1-day waiting period for registering, that's been waived for today.

Adrian Dater is at the game, which has to be an absolute thrill for the native New Englander (and Sox fan). He'll be doing twitter updates and stuff. Okay, couch time.