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Stastny Named to US Olympic Team; No Anderson

Following the conclusion of today's Winter "Classic", Avalanche forward Paul Stastny was named to the USA Olympic Hockey team. Former Av Chris Drury was also named to the team.

Goalie Craig Anderson did not make the team. Team USA GM Brian Burke went with Ryan Miller, Tim Thomas and Jonathon Quick. In an interview after the selections were announced, Burke seemed to indicate that Miller and Thomas were the easy first two picks and then the 3rd pick came down to a very difficult decision between Quick and Anderson. While it would have been nice to see Anderson make the team, Quick got the nod - perhaps because of his youth - and it's really hard to find fault with any of those 3 picks. Miller's going to be the #1 no matter what, so maybe it will work out to have Anderson rested over the Olympic break.