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MHH's Top Commenters!

MileHighHockey is proud of the community that has flourished here over the last couple of seasons.  SBN just gave us the site stats for the previous year and I thought I'd pass along some info to the good people at MHH.

Total Comments

87004 (up from 37010 in 2008)

Total Stories

704 (down from 809 in 2008)

Total FanPosts

326 (up from 147 in 2008)

Total FanShots

612 (up from 167 in 2008)

Total of Stories, FanPosts, and FanShots

1642 (up from 1123 in 2008)

That's a ton of comments and content for our beloved Avalanche!  Hopefully, all the members and lurkers continue to make MHH the premiere Colorado Avalanche fan community on the intrawebs.

And now for the individual awards...

Most Active Commenters

User Count
Americanario 8598
SlamDunkTheFunk 4995
Jibblescribbits 4424
BeachNSnowGirl 3882
InfamousM 3650
InYoFace 3198
texacogirl 3161
David Driscoll-Carignan 2862
TheRed 2250
thedoctor 2244


The Canary is one talkative dude!  Bubblegum is no slouch, but he's got some ground to make up in 2010.  The stats breakdown indicates that approximately 63.7% of Jibbles' comments were Jibbled.  Impressive.  I'm also pretty sure that brings Jibbles' total comments between here and Mirtle's page to a little over 4 trillion. The above doesn't include Beachie's alternate personalities either.  I don't have the exact number, but I'm fairly certain there were something on the order of ten thousand "When is the rest of the top 19 list coming?" comments last year too.  I'd also like to point out the absence of anyone with the letter-random number-more letters username in the above list.  What I mean is, SeeSixWhores, I expect to see you on this list next year.