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Mile High Hockey: Now With More Cowbell (Writers Too!)

Here we grow again.

As you may recall, we put out a casting call a month or so ago in search of a few good writers to add to the staff here at Mile High Hockey. The response was excellent - who knew so many of our readers could spell! Seriously, I was blown away by both the number of applicants as well as the talent level of everyone who applied. While we couldn't take everyone (I can only cram so many people into my mom's basement), I hope that those everyone who wishes to contribute continues to utilize the FanPost feature here at MHH. I personally think the quality of user-generated FanPosts here at Mile High is tremendous, and it's a vital part of our community.

With that all said, I would like to introduce you to the three new writers here at Mile High Hockey.

First up is Derek B. Derek was born in Colorado but moved to Alaska a year after the Avs moved to Denver. He continued to follow the Avs - and especially Patrick Roy - and ultimately found himself living in Dallas (and playing goalie in high school) in the late 90's and early 2000's when the Avs and Stars seemed to play each other in the playoffs every year.  Derek is in the Navy and it looks like that gig lets him travel a little bit. He attended Roy's Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, where he met his childhood idol. He also attended the 1st Winter Classic in Buffalo and is currently halfway towards meeting his goal of watching an NHL game in all 30 arenas. Derek has been a writer with Defending Big D since that blog debuted, but he's excited to get a chance to cover a good team for a change. Okay, he didn't say that last part, but I figured it was in his head anyway.

Dustin Burfiend is a student at the University of Colorado, bringing the number of actual Colorado residents on the writing staff to...two. Even though Dustin is originally from Michigan, he's been a diehard Avalanche fan since Uwe Krupp's OT goal when Dustin was 7 years old (good Lord, I was in my mid-20's when that happened). Dustin's favorite Av of all time is Chris Drury and, like all good Avalanche fans, lists Todd Bertuzzi as his most hated player.

Last, but not least, we have Paul's Coffey (believe it or not, his real name!). Paul too is originally from Michigan. As in, Detroit, Michigan. (Note to self: work on screening process). Anyway, Paul moved to Colorado around the same time that the Avalanche did and became an instant fan. He lists his favorite player as Peter Forsberg and Bertuzzi as his most hated, so we can probably let that whole Detroit thing slide. Right? Paul currently lives in LA where he works for a TV show (insert gaffer joke here).

I'm having a little fun at the new guys' expense here, because that's kind of what we do. But myself, Joe, Angélique and Mike are very excited to welcome all of them to the team. We hope that these additions will help improve our coverage of the Avalanche. Please join me in wishing all three a warm welcome!