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Mile High Mailbag

The Mile High Mailbag is a recurring feature where we look at some of the internet searches that led folks to this site. Brandon Yip, Ryan Wilson, Dan Hinote and, oddly, Jay Cutler were among the more popular searches last week. Here's a look at some of the more, um, unique searches.

"marek svatos trade rumors 2010" - gee, I have no idea where that idea would come from

"statistics injuries due to lack of strength" - oh. that's where.

"tom preissing now" - nowhere near as good as Tom Preissing then, from what we've seen

"nights the avalanche wear 3rd jerseys" - generally, not a good one.

"claude lemieux who would like to be peter forsberg" - seriously...what???

"brother fuching in room" - for some strange reason, Mile High Hockey is the number 4 link on a google search for that phrase (a rank which I'm probably increasing). Even stranger, Kukla's Korner is 6th. Which means that we can proudly say that we are the number one hockey blog for illiterate perverts. Butt u new that alredy, write?

"bourque retirement october" - I'm afraid you are about 8 years too late. It was a blast, though.

"is pascal dupuis related to philippe dupuis" - both Dupuis are from Laval, Quebec. But, we're told, they are not related.

"craig anderson dick's sporting" - yes, Craig Anderson was signing autograph's at Dick's Sporting Goods on Saturday. And yes, you probably got lucky with that google search.

"red wings fans in colorado" - Oh sure. I bet you believe in the tooth fairy, too?

"avalanche jersey in store pickup" - hey, how you doin'? You like this Liles' jersey? Can I see your hot pocket?

"blonde behind bench at wild games" - I've mentioned her before (hence the search leading here), and I'm as curious to find out as this searcher is.

"colorado avalanche need right handed shot defenseman" - as we've learned recently, it doesn't matter which side they shoot long as they shoot

"russian hockey glossary" - it starts and ends with Trailer Arnason.

"shirtless hockey pants" - dude, I so knew that Liles' jersey line would work.

"comedian: blood into fruit punch" - who is searching for this? and how did MHH become involved?

"hockey sex before games" - we generally roll with the post-game mini golf in these parts. We'll take that idea under advisement, however. Can you sign me up for the newsletter?

"how tall is matt duchene's stick" - I don't need to write the punchline for you, do I?

"baron wolski nickname" - in case you needed proof as to how far our silly internet memes can spread, this search originated from Russia.

"underperforming" - sorry, this is an Avalanche blog. For a great Flames blog, try Matchsticks and Gasoline.

"sandigee" - Houston, we have a stalker. More than one, actually; we get a lot of searches for things like Matt Duchene's girlfriend or Adam Foote's wife.

"david driscoll" - stalker search #2. Okay, there's a bunch of David Driscoll's out there, but I am kind of amused that the #2 ranked hit for this google search is this photo. You know, just in case my 3rd grade crush, Julie Leonhardt, is looking for me. And, if she is, my email is in my profile.