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Root For The Red Wings?

As strange as it may seem, that's the situation we're facing tonight. At least for those who can stomach it. After choking last night, the Avalanche are in danger of dropping from 5th to 8th tonight. Vancouver, Los Angeles and Nashville are all just one point behind the Avs in the standings and all three would hold win the tiebreaker over the Avs if tied. That means if any of those teams gains a point this evening, they will pass the Avalanche in the standings. If all three do that, the Avalanche will have dropped from 3rd to 8th in the span of a few days.

So, root for Carolina to beat Nashville in regulation. Root for Phoenix to do the same to Vancouver. And, if you can, root for Detroit to beat LA. If you're unable to handle this last request, we'll completely understand. Now that I think about it, maybe 8th place is better than cheering for the devil.