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4th Annual Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Kicks Off Monday


It's that time of the year again, folks. Hockey season kicks off soon, which means that it is time for another rendition of the Avalanche Blogger Roundtable. For those who aren't familiar, the roundtable is a virtual meeting of the minds where as many Avalanche bloggers we can find weigh in on different topics about the upcoming season.

This is the 4th year for the roundtable. We started off modestly in 2007, expanded considerably in 2008 and then had a mammoth contribution for the 2009 version. We're still getting responses in, but it looks like this is year's participation level is going to come pretty close to least year's.

This year's event kicks off on Monday morning. There will be 9 questions (because 9 is the new 19), 3 per day. To make life a little simpler, all questions will be hosted here at MHH (but participating bloggers can run them on their own sites as well). The idea behind the roundtable is to fill space introduce readers to as many of the excellent Avalanche blogs that are floating around the web, and this year will be no exception. Many of the fine blogs you are already familiar with will again be on board, but we also have several new Avalanche bloggers taking part.

Check back Monday morning to read everyone's expertly amateur analysis on the Avs' upcoming season and stay with us through the week as all 9 questions are unveiled. Note, if you are an Avalanche blogger and haven't heard from me, shoot me an email (it's in my profile) and I'll send you an invite, as all Avs' bloggers are invited.