Repent, all ye sinners

Recently it has come to my attention that many of you here at MHH are nonbelievers.
Even as your Lord Howard racks up wins, you fail to see the greatness that is before you.
Despite years of success and achievement, you deny the lord and refuse to come to His alter.
Well, this all needs to end now, for even my mercifulness has its limits.
I shouldn’t have to spell it out for you, but it seems only a stern lecture will suffice.
No more shall Lord Howard sit back and listen to your sniveling rants about your youthful false gods.
Granted, your little team has shown flashes of success, but you must realize their effort is in vain.
Shortly, your team will be handed another loss at the hands of the experienced Wings and Yours truly.
Since this fate is inevitable, and I am a merciful lord, I shall give you one last chance.
Until half an hour before Tuesday’s game, you shall be allowed time to repent your sins and embrace the Wheel.
Convert now, and be welcomed into the loving arms of your Lord Howard. I gladly welcome you to the flock.
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