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Mile High Hockey vs. The Avalanche Guild


Well ladies and gentlemen, we are exactly one week away from the big game between Mile High Hockey and The Avalanche Guild. We still have plenty of good seats available and would appreciate your support of this event. Tickets to the Avs and Sharks game can be purchased through the link below.

Now keep in mind that you don't have to attend our game prior to the Avs and Sharks to take advantage of the amazing deal on tickets. That whole having to work thing has a tendency to get in the way of having fun sometimes, but please help us make this game happen by purchasing tickets and coming out and supporting the Avs as well.

Lower bowl and Club level seats can be purchased for $58, that's right only $58 for lower level and club seats. To make the deal even sweeter, there is no convenience fees or taxes associated with your purchase when you buy through the link below.

I hope to see a lot of MHHers out there in a week supporting Team MHH as I am making the trek all the way down from soggy Seattle to take part in this special event.

Here is the link to purchase your tickets: