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Well everyone, we did it. I would like to truly thank you for all of your support in making this game happen. I hope to see AS MANY people as possible come out and support the Mile High Hockey team as we take on The Avalanche Guild at 4pm MST at Pepsi Center tomorrow.

For those who would like to attend, you will need to report to the VIP Entrance anytime after 3pm tomorrow and you will be escorted into the arena. You will be free to sit anywhere you want to for our game against The Avalanche Guild. After we are finished with our game, both teams and fans will be heading over to Brooklyn's to enjoy some frosty adult beverages before we head back over to The Can to watch the real professionals take to the ice against the San Jose Sharks.

For all the players out there, if you have yet to receive an email from me with a few more details, PLEASE email me as soon as you can so I can forward you the waiver that you MUST present to take part in the game.

Again, I want to truly thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your efforts in making this happen. GO TEAM MHH!!!

Here is bit more information from Justin over at The Avalanche Guild:

Just heard from the Avalanche - get this - as of 5:00pm, both teams have sold exactly 69 tickets! And since the discount ticket offer remains open until late tomorrow afternoon, it's GAME ON!!!

A very special thanks to everyone who pulled out the stops and purchased tickets through the links. It was a very time-consuming effort for me, but after meeting Derek today at Player's Bench and talking to some of the players on my side, it was more than worth it.

I'm going to get some sleep tonight, but I hope to see TONS of you MHH'ers out at Pepsi Center starting at 3:00pm tomorrow. I'll be sending some informational e-mails out to Derek about logistics, but here's the basics for the fans:

1. Doors open at 3pm. Come to the MAIN ENTRANCE on the WEST SIDE and come to the FAR-LEFT double-doors. They say VIP ENTRANCE on top. They are the doors closest to Altitude Authentics. You'll see me and other players gathering around there.

2. All fans and players will enter in those doors. A Pepsi Center employee will check through your bags. You DON'T need your Avs ticket to come watch the After-Hours game. We will escort fans to the stands and players to the locker room. Make sure if you are a player that you arrive no later than 3:30.

3. The game starts at 4:00pm. We have a referee. You must sign a waiver form in order to touch the ice. A waiver form will be e-mailed to you and we will have some printed copies at the rink.

4. We will do a 5-minute warmup and then three 15:00 periods. The first two periods will be running time. The third period will be stopped time. There should be a few minutes left at the end of the game to take photos. I'll have my digital camera and my Flip HD video camera. I wish I was playing but instead I'll be Joe Sacco for both benches and do some coaching.

5. After the game, players will shower and then we will all head over to Brooklyn's. I don't have a group area set aside but I have Avs Guild membership cards so you can all sit wherever and still get 10% off your total bill.

I don't think I'll have those black After-Hours t-shirts printed in time as we had to make some minor adjustments to the Avs logo, but I have a ton of white Quest 3 t-shirts. And it makes sense to give these out since that is our Hockey Fights Cancer charity tournament and tomorrow's game is the official Hockey Fights Cancer game.

Somehow, someway, thanks to everyone's support, this all got done JUST in the nick of time.

Tomorrow? Yeah. It's going to kick some major A. And hey, isn't that what it's all about this year ;)