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Hash Tag Battle Fallout

A FanShot a little lower in the page linked to the results of the Avs - Kings HashTweet battle from Saturday. The Kings "won" the battle, but the real winners are the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and unnamed Denver cancer charities who will receive $29,374 and $13,876 respectively (it looks like the Kroenke Group chose not to stick with their $5,000 cap for the event, which deserves a stick tap).

Along the way, though, some feathers were rustled. Ryan Boulding at the Burgundy Blog posted an open letter to Adrian Dater tonight taking Dater to task for blocking BB's twitter feed. Why did Dater do this? Because the Burgundy Blog criticized Dater for not using the #GoAvs hash tag enough during the game, especially through his AvsNews feed. Dater has since unblocked the Burgundy Blog, restoring order to the universe (or something).

Look, I think it's great the folks like Ryan or Angelique Murray got into the spirit and made liberal use of the #GoAvs hash tag. But it might be going a little far to call out someone for not using it. Was it for a great cause? Sure. Should it be Dater's decision to make? Absolutely. And hey, why not call out Mike Haynes or those idiots at Mile High Hockey? They didn't use the hashtag either, which clearly means they love cancer.

Ryan does have one thing right, though:

@ we're all a family, no need to get upset about it

Which is why I got so bent out of shape when I read this from a King's blog following Saturday's game:

I must say I am disappointed and somewhat annoyed by the lack of hockey coverage for the Avalanche in Colorado. So many of these fans sites or blogs are days and sometimes weeks behind. Also, the Avalanche’s official site has a post game report from…wait for it…the Associated Press. So, I picked the only two relevant sites I could find that spoke of this game.

Which is odd, because besides our recap there's coverage by Put It On Ice, The Burgundy Blog, The Avs Factor and Anyone But Detroit - all "relevant" blogs. As a former SoCal resident, I'm aware that life in LaLa land can be a little more laid back, but surfing the net isn't that hard, is it?