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Bits and Links

Alright, the Avs lost last night, but John Michael Liles set an NHL record, and that's something, right?  Unfortunately the Avs lost more than just a game, Craig Anderson is flying back to Denver today. He won't be available against Calgary.  Hopefully it isn't too long term.   Here are some links to peruse while you pretend to work.

Let's start the first one with:

The Denver Post:  So, I guess winning matters more to Liles than his record, at least for the moment.

When it’s all said and done, it might mean something to me, but right now, it’s about wins and losses. When my career’s done, I can say, ‘Yeah, that was a great thing,’ maybe, and I can tell my kids someday, but that’s about all it is right now."


NBC Sports It was an amusing little article. They actually compared his to Bieber *shudder*, but it seems like he has a good sense of humor about it, guess we aren't the only ones who noticed his locks.

This fast start has gotta be the hair, right?  "A lot of people are saying that"

And another one:

The Avs website:  It's just a short blurb talking about how Liles set a record.

"With his second period assist tonight, John-Michael Liles set a new NHL record for the longest assist streak by a defenseman to begin a season at nine games."


And finally I headed over to Nucks Misconduct, but they didn't have a recap thread instead they sent everyone to

Luongo thought Jones' shot was perfect

"Sometimes you have to give the guy credit, it was a perfect shot right under the bar," Luongo said. "I kept focus."


and then a little further discussing the loss of Andy,  I think they are kidding:


What would have happened if Peter Budaj got hurt? Craig Anderson injured his knee in warmup. Would have been great to see Kirk McLean, the Avs goalie coach, go in.