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Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 7


Welcome to day 3 of the 2010 Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable. Avalanche writers from around the web have been answering questions about the upcoming season all week. Today we wrap up with our final 3 questions.

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Who among the following will score the most points next year: T.J. Galiardi, David Jones, Ryan O’Reilly, Ryan Stoa, Brandon Yip?

Matt Jordan, Mile High Mayhem: Jones bothers me because of his knee. Radar is too streaky. I will say Yip.

From The Point, Real Denver Sports: Based on Yip's facebook page, I'd say he's already doing quite well in the scoring department. Galiardi is the most obvious choice assuming he stays on the first line. But O'Reilly is who I WANT to score the most points.

Stephen Crociata, Patrick Kane's Loose Change: If he stays healthy Galiardi will undoubtedly put up the most points out of these 5 studs. God/Buddha/Zeus/Ray Bourque forbid TJ was to get injured I would take O'Reilly out of this group, since I'm expecting around 45 pts from our 3rd line C and no that is not a joke.

Jaye Horbay, Patrick Kane's Loose Change: Tough question David. It really could be anyone on the list. I'd have to go with Galiardi, especially if he keeps his spot on the top line with Stewie and Stastny.

Mike Verminski, Put It On Ice and The Hockey Writers: Gali hands down. He had a strong season last year and I think he will do the same this year. It's tough to predict how Jones will do based on his year absence due to his knee injury. O'Reilly will produce more than last season for the same reason as Duchene, Stoa won't play every night so he doesn't have a chance, and Yip will also be more productive, but he isn't on the same skill level as Galiardi.

Adam Hersh, An Avalanche of Thoughts: If Dr. Jones can stay healthy, I predict a 35-40 goal season out of him. Other than TJ, I don't see the others on this list hitting that many points, let alone goals. However, I really hope I'm wrong about that last prediction

Sean Payton, Anyone But Detroit:

  • In an alternate universe where David Jones could stay healthy, you'd have to take a good look at #54, but history tells us that's not possible.
  • I'm going with Galiardi - mostly because Sacco plays him on a top line. Everyone else on the list will be spending a lot of their time on the 3rd line.

Nic Zamora, Avaholics Anonymous: Assuming he stays healthy for a full season, David Jones is the guy. It is looking like he will probably start the season on the 3rd line with Yip and O'Reilly but I don't think it will be too long before he takes either TJ Galiardi's spot on the top line or the currently vacant spot on the 2nd line left wing. The way he came out after his injury last season with the 10 goals in 23 games along with his size and deceptive speed only makes me more optimistic about his scoring output this coming season.

Jay Vean, Avs Hockey Podcast: Jay's podcast with today's answers.

Angélique Murray, Avs Prospects, Mile High Hockey and Chicks Who Give A Puck: Of this group, I believe that TJ Galiardi will score the most points. David Jones was a tempting selection, but there are concerns as to how he will rebound from a major knee injury.

Shane Giroux, Avs Talk: David Jones. I hope to all that is holy that I haven't jinxed him again but he should outpace all these players on the wing with Stastny or Duchene. I think the guy nipping at his heels will be T.J. Galiardi.

Andy Robbins, Avs Weekly: Brandon Yip will have more points next year, with Galiardi not far behind. Before committing to David Jones tallying the most points, I would like to make sure he plays 30+ games first. O'Reilly will have a better offensive year, but will focus more on his defensive game which is a staple for this hockey club. Stoa will make an impact, but will be shipped back and forth between Denver and Cleveland throughout the year. Lake Erie is harboring some serious competition for once, so no one entirely knows who will stick with the team all year long.

Geoff, The Avslova Factor: Stoa could be interesting, but I'm still not sure he's making the team. Brandon Yip is an enigma. He's either going to put up 20 points or 100 points - haven't decided which. David Jones needs to stay healthy - don't hold your breath - and even if he does, I don't see more than 50-55 points. That leaves O'Reilly and Galiardi. All reports say that O'Reilly is looking beastly at camp. Galiardi earned his manhood in the playoffs last season. It's a tough call, but I'll say that T.J. Galiardi goes above and beyond the rest of the youngsters.

Matt Powell, The Burgundy Blog: This is another hard one. O'Reilly has potentional of scoring more now that Tucker isn't on his line (sorry, Tucker, I like you, but it felt like you were dragging the kid down a bit on his line). However, Jones, Galiardi, and Yip were scoring pretty well last season. Stoa was near invisible after being called up, but after seeing him in the preseason I expect better things from the Golden Gopher. I peg Gally for scoring more. Unless Jones moves up a line or two and stays healthy.

Ryan Boulding, The Burgundy Blog: It really comes down to Galiardi, Jones and Yip, with O'Reilly maybe making the cut depending on his line pairings. Galiardi sitting on the top line is going to get points; Those guys are just clicking right now and it is glorious. Jones could be poised for another great season if he can stay healthy, and if paired with O'Reilly and Yip, will be crushing it. Ultimately, I will offer a rare prediction and say I think O'Reilly will have the most points of the bunch. He is about ready to start pooping goals if he can hit his stride and maintain it this year.

Courtney Beckham, Chicks Who Give A Puck: Galiardi has a great shot at most points this year out of the bunch. When you look at rookie numbers he was top ten for most categories, he wasn't the top one (Duchene and Myers were for that) but he was always in the top, lurking around. He was older than some of the rookies, played like a veteran in the playoffs, and is someone that outside of Colorado many people are not familiar with how effective he is. Duchene definitely took the spotlight for our rookies, and that was probably a good thing. Some guys do better when the spotlight is elsewhere and they can focus on their game and how they can contribute.

Terry Frei, Denver Post: I'd say Jones hand down if I were certain he could stay healthy., I'll still say Jones.

David Púchovský, Eurolanche: TJ Galiardi or David Jones. In a case of David, he has to stay healthy. Stoa and Yip are tough players, like every hit in front of boards. The best things is that they are able to score too. O´Reilly si a creative center with nice passes, but Galiardi and Jones are real scorers. They are fast (skating and also moving) and that is the biggest reason why they would be better than the rest of this group.

Marc Parsons, Hendricks Hockey: I'm saying a healthy David jones is gonna rip it up this year. Now I hope I don't jinx it, but if Jones cant remain healthy this year, Yip would be my second choice. He only played so many games last year, but he produced.

Aaron "Avalangelist" Musick, Hockeybuzz: David Jones or Galiardi will be close but I think Jones will get it if healthy just because he is a top six forward while healthy and might be the Avs' best scorer on the wing this year. Once again, if healthy. If not, Galiardi will get the most points because he's playing with Paul Stastny and Chris Stewart.

Grant Beery, Hockeyism: Can David Jones stay healthy? If he can, my pick is Jones. He's due, right?

Jibblescribbits, JibbleScribbits: 20$ on TJ Hensick.

David Driscoll-Carignan, Mile High Hockey: I'm going to stay Ryan Stoa for the remote chance that he turns it around and makes me look like a genius.

Derek Bell, Mile High Hockey: I just have this feeling that David Jones was on his way to a tremendous season for the Avs last year when it was cut short by the knee injury. TJ Galiardi grew up a lot last year during the playoffs and fully expect his breakout to continue. Of all the Young Guns though, I think that it's going to be David Jones.

Mike Thompson, Mile High Hockey: David Jones. By at least a double digit margin.

Paul's Coffey, Mile High Hockey: Toughest question on this list. Logic would suggest Galiardi, since he's projected to be kicking ass on the top line, but T.J. will probably see more PK time than PP time, so I'm gonna be buck logic and say David Jones or Ryan O'Reilly (Radar seems like he wants it bad this season based on off/pre-season reports).

Lots of love (and crossed fingers) for David Jones. As always, it's your turn to weigh in.