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Mile High Hockey Vs. The Hockey Guild


What an opening night! There's absolutely nothing a win over the defending Stanley Cup champs to get the regular season off to tremendous start.

Speaking of great games, myself and some of the other Mile High Hockey faithful will be taking on the boys (and maybe girls) of The Avalanche Guild on the ice at Pepsi Center at 4pm before the Avs take on the Sharks on Thursday, October 21st.

For those who would like to come and watch, the Avalanche are hooking us up with a tremendous deal on tickets. If you use the link in the attached flyer, you will be able to get tickets for nearly 50% off, but that's only part of the sweet deal. When you buy your tickets through our link, you won't be charged any sales tax or "convenience" fees either.

I also still have some spots left on the roster if you would like to play in this unique experience, shoot me an email via the link at the bottom of the page and I will add your name to the roster and fill you in on all of the details.

Here is a link to the downloadable flyer, feel free to post it on your Facebook and/or Twitter. Also if you know of any friends who don't read MHH (why are they your friend again? J/K!) feel free to email it to them. Even if they have no interest in coming to watch or game, they are more than welcome to take advantage of this tremendous deal.

MHH vs. The Avs Guild