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Let's start off with another contest I want an MHH'er to win, Darn it! You can win tickets to the next game.

We have a goal -- to brighten up your week by giving you a chance to win one of five pairs of tickets to see your Colorado Avalanche take on the San Jose Sharks, last year's playoff opponent, on Wednesday night. How can you qualify? By telling us in the comment section below who you think will be the Avs' MVP this season and why in fifty words or less

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Avalanche looking for consistency.

The 2010-11 Colorado Avalanche can be categorized many different ways, including as one of the NHL’s youngest clubs (average age of 26.9 years) and one of the league’s highest-scoring teams (third in the league, averaging 3.41 goals-per-game through Tuesday).

Have I mentioned I love this team?

Colorado skill forward Matt Duchene, more known for his nifty moves and delicate scoring touch, was involved in a scuffle with Vladimir Subotka at 14:39 of the third period drawing a huge roar from the crowd. "I haven't been scoring with my hands too much, might as well do something else with them," Duchene told reporters after the game with a laugh.


I really like this team.

"I'm just happy to chip in on the score sheet," Liles said. "When the points happen, they happen. It's kind of just trying to jump in, use my legs and help the forwards out."


Last one of the day...

Rookie's Kevin Shattenkirk and Jonas Holos will likely be on the hot seat, given that they're both rookies with two-way contracts (ineligible for waivers).


Removing one, or both from the roster would be insanity.