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Good News That Doesn't Involve Saving a Bundle on Car Insurance

Yes, I feel bad for Jonas Holos, but on this Sunday evening there are still some really, really things for us to be excited for.

First, the Colorado Avalanche are in first place in their division, a spot they will hold at least until Wednesday. The Avalanche have more goals than any other team in the West and their GF to GA differential is +12 - 3rd best in the Conference. Perhaps most importantly, they are just 2 points behind where they were through 20 games last year, despite last year's tremendous red-hot start. Man, if only their Corsi was any good...

Second, the Holos move isn't popular with everyone here...but the reason behind it certainly should be. A week or so ago, I talked about how injuries create opportunities and found it especially interesting that so many current Avs were call-ups expected to stick around for a short stay. Chris Stewart, Cody McLeod, T.J. Galiardi, David Jones, Ryan Wilson and Brandon Yip were all players with different pedigrees when recalled, but none were expected to become permanent additions at that point. They all ended up sticking around. I think you can add Kevin Shattenkirk to that list. We knew Shattenkirk would be able to provide offense (he already has 5 points in his first 9 games), despite the goose egg he put up in 10 games at Lake Erie this year. What we didn't know was that Shattenkirk was ready to bring it defensively as well. He has been rock-solid in his own end - better than several of the veterans, in my opinion - and is already the 2nd best offensive defenseman on the team after John Michael-Liles. The Avalanche have seven healthy defensemen and should get Kyle Cumiskey back from IR at some point as well. I think Shattenkirk may be here to stay, barring a massive collapse between now and Christmas.

Speaking of Johnny Hot Pocket, I have one final bit of good news. I am pleased to announce that Beachie has agreed to join the writing staff here at Mile High Hockey. I know that most of you are familiar with Stefka Beachie, and I'm very excited to be adding someone with her hockey knowledge, intelligence and wit to our team. Please join me in giving Beachie a warm MHH welcome!