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Seeing Stars

At the 20-game mark, here's a quick list of the number of mentions for our Avalanche as one of the game's 3 stars. Interestingly, Milan Hejduk has 2 less points than Chris Stewart and 2 more than Paul Stastny, but he has only 2 mentions to their combined 13. And yes, Peter Budaj has more mentions than Craig Anderson (he also has 4 more games played at this point). Most bizarre, of course, is the whopping 1 mention for John-Michael Liles. He already has 5 multi-point games and is tied for the league lead in points for defensemen, but he's only once been able to crack the three stars of the game (it was for his 2-goal night against St Louis).


Stewart 8
Stastny 5
Budaj 4
Anderson 3
Hejduk 2
Jones 2
Porter 2
Duchene 1
Dupuis 1
Hannan 1
Liffiton 1
Liles 1
Mauldin 1
O'Reilly 1