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How Precious!

Oh, those Red Wings fans. They have got to be the most efficient little things in the entire planet. Since their team has won every Stanley Cup for the last twenty years, blessed Wings fans have some extra time on their hands to tackle other world crises, like solving world hunger, reversing global warming, burning down unneeded city blocks and, of course, making fun of the Avalanche. Our elder-loving friends at Abel to Ysebaert skewered Avalanche fans on Monday based on an article written by - get ready to chuckle - Mark Kiszla. I would have responded sooner, but I've been too busy shaking off a massive case of the giggles.

Apparently, Kiszla wrote an article in the Post recently which, according to A2Y, is critical of the hockey fans in Denver and the Avs' marketing failure, so ha ha on us. For all I know, a tree fell in the woods somewhere too. I wouldn't know - neither make much of a blip on my radar. But, IwoCPO has his depends all in a twist because none of the Avalanche bloggers - specifically MHH -  rushed to defend the Avs:

But over there?  Nothing. Nada.  Crickets and I have no idea why.  Well, I can guess, but I’d bet they’d never admit it.  They, and any other Dive fan left in Denver, are probably above a response. They’ll point to Kiszla as a know-nothing crockpot.  They’ll say that in two years, he’s even gotten dumber.

You see? We think all Red Wing fans are just a bunch of  stupid, granny-porn loving arsonists, but this IwoCPO fella is really aware of what's going on in the world. Hell, he might even be smarter than an octopus. You could see above that his brain wanted to take him to the right answer, and he was so close too...but then he went and dug up an old article from MHH friend Dario as "proof" that we pay attention to one fucking word that Kislza spews out. Sorry, but no. And, just to save you some time and crayons, Bill, we feel the same way about Woody Paige. Non entities.

If it makes you feel any better, we actually have discussed many of the bullet points you quoted here at Mile High Hockey. We've derided the Avs for the marketing campaign and have discussed the woeful attendance issues numerous times. I'm surprised you didn't find them while searching for one sentence buried at the bottom of a 2-year old article. But, hey, it's got to be tough paying attention when you've got Journey cranked in the background, right? So, here you go: the Avalanche attendance sucks, and the All About the A marketing thing is kind of a farce. Thank God you won't ever experience something like that in the glorious sports town that is Detroit. I don't even have to look to know that the Tigers, Pistons and Lions are selling out every single game just like the Red Wings are doing. You guys are on fire for sure.