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Daily Bits and Links

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Seeing as how in Thanksgiving, it seems there isn't too much news on the Avalanche front today.  Here are a few to start us off with.  To all of the Americans on here, Happy Thanksgiving Day, my friends.  To the rest of us... tomorrow is Friday?



An article on Matt Duchene living in Adam Foote's house (among other of these arrangements).

Laundry day in the Foote family falls in the middle of the week and Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene dutifully brings his clothes up from the basement to be washed, folded and returned. All free of charge by the wife of teammate and captain Adam Foote. It's just one of the many perks of living under their roof. Foote has opened his house the last two seasons to the dynamic 19-year-old scorer, who also enjoys home-cooked meals and companionship with the family's two young boys.


A preview for tonight's game.

Budaj is 12-5-3 lifetime versus the Oilers, but 0-2-1 with a 5.89 goals-against average in his last three starts against them.


Another short preview.

Bet Colorado Avalanche -125 over Edmonton Oilers


Kirk McLean gets a ring from Vancouver

The Vancouver Canucks did just that Wednesday night for their very own Captain Kirk, welcoming former goalie Kirk McLean to their new ring of honour at Rogers Arena. McLean's plaque was unveiled moments before the puck was dropped for a game between the Canucks and the Colorado Avalanche, a team that now employs McLean as its goaltending consultant.