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Game 13 Preview: Stars at Avalanche


The Colorado Avalanche host the Dallas Stars tonight at the Pepsi Center. The Stars played last night in Dallas, where they beat the Phoenix Coyotes 6-3. The Avalanche haven't played since last Saturday (too subtle?). In theory, the Avs' fresher legs should be an advantage in the thin mile-high Denver air. In practice, that never seems to work out as expected.

The Avalanche have recalled forward Kevin Porter and defensemen Colby Cohen to bolster a team that is getting chiseled down by injuries. Ryan Wilson is the newest addition to the walking wounded, as he missed Thursday's alleged game with a leg injury. The curious move here is the recall move of Kevin Porter. Officially, there's no "new" injuries at forward, but Matt Duchene, Chris Stewart and David Jones all missed practice on Friday for "maintenance"...because you definitely want to make sure your 20-something guys get plenty of rest, especially after your team lays a massive egg on Thursday. (There may have been a splash of sarcasm there).

No sarcasm on this one, though: GO AVS!


12 GP 12
8 W 6
4 L 5
0 OT 1
16 P 13
0.667 P% 0.542
3.42 G/G 3.25
2.67 GA/G 3.50
18.5 PP% 19.6
72.9 PK% 70.0
28.2 S/G 32.9
31.4 SA/G 32.3
50.2 FO% 48.5


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