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Links and bits- Daily Cupcake Icing....

Since we've had no news on the Avalanche front the last few days... there isn't much to be said.

Actually, in all honesty, most of the links and quotes I found have already been discussed... so here are just a few tidbits!  :)


Apparently a Vancouver Canucks blogger feels that the Hannan trade will be a good thing for the Canucks, thinking that it weakens the Avalanche.

That subtle cheering heard in the Vancouver Canucks' dressing room this morning was reaction to the Colorado Avalanche's trade of Scott Hannan (left) for Tomas Fleischmann.


Another look at the trade with the Capitals


"I'm really excited about going to a team that is in first place and has a great chance to make a run for the Stanley Cup," said Hannan, who waived a no-trade clause for the move to take place."I'm excited to be able to add whatever I can to a team with that much talent on it."


Anthony Stewart talks about the game-winner.

Stewart admitted afterward that he was trying to pass the puck to Dustin Byfuglien.

"To be honest, I just tried to put it on his stick but I guess I got too much toe of my stick, it went on net and went in," Stewart said. "I heard the crowd go ‘Awww.’ I thought I must have hit someone in the face. I saw the guys put their arms up so then I figured it must have went in."


Kevin Porter is happy that Matt Hunwick is part of the Avalanche crew. Looks like they've been friends for years.

One player thrilled to see Hunwick in an Avalanche sweater is forward Kevin Porter. The pair previously crossed paths at the University of Michigan, where they played together for three seasons (2004-07) and helped the Wolverines earn a berth in the NCAA Tournament each year.

"He’s one of my good friends," Porter said of Hunwick. "He’s a great player and a great skater, so it’s going to be a good addition to our team."