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Daily Cupcakes: December 13, 2010

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Cupcakes here! Come and get them... fresh, hot, perfectly iced... just the way you like 'em!

Tomas Fleischmann , who I admit, I still have to look up the proper spelling of his name, is getting more ice time in Denver. This was from before the Washington game.  If you want a great recap, check out Beachie's, it's the most indepth one I could find and it's stellar!  Anywho, here's a quote from CSN Washington to wet your appetite!

Obviously finding motivation to play in this one shouldn’t be much of a problem for Fleischmann – even if he ends up needing some help with directions to and from his new dressing room.

"It already is weird, just coming in from the other side [of the arena] feels different so we’ll see how it goes."



Hehehehe, this is one Recap... the title is just too delicious not to post! This one from Ballston , yes seriously.

Caps Lose Fifth Straight, Semin Ejected

Did you chuckle?  I did... in fact, I decided that I was going to link this article *just* for the headline.  Muhahahaha... such in the power of the Daily Cupcakes! Actually it's a very well-written article , Washington-slanted, but still quite good and worth the read! Something that made me smile was in their "additional notes" section:

Both Fleischmann and Hannan started for their current teams. Caps fans cheered for Fleischmann when his name was announced.

I love when fans cheer for an opposing player. I hate when an ex-player gets booed because he is no longer on the team.  Especially when it's due to a trade.


As much as we are looking on the Fleischmann trade, and looking at the fact that they haven't won since Scott Hannan joined their team, there is something to be said for the offense. NBC sports brings up a good point.

For Washington, the frustration is building and the finger should be pointed towards the Capitals offense. In their five-game streak, they’ve scored just eight goals

It's hard to win games when you score 1.6 goals per game.  That is, unless you are the Minnesota Wild


This one, by Mercury News,  has a few sentences about a few different games.

The Colorado Avalanche was delighted to get another win on the road, especially after adding two more players to its expansive injury list.



A different NBC article does a recap of the Washington game. Saying what we have said all along. If the team has an ex- Avalanche player on it, better throw him in the lineup because he will most likely get a goal.

He also said Matt Hendricks was his best performer on the ice on this night. Hendricks scored the Caps' lone goal of the third period on the power play.



Another recap, this one by CSN Washington,I love how much attention Shattenkirk is getting! His stats are impressive, but for me, I'm most impressed with his composure.

You would have sworn that rookie blueliner Kevin Shattenkirk was a right wing in the first 10 minutes of the game.  He was always way up in the play, below the goal-line at times, creating a scoring threat.


This is something, that as a Nordiques fan growing up, I love.  For those who don't know, Quebec hockey fans are desperately to get hockey back to Quebec City.  They call themselves Noriques Nation and even have a website, Just over 1,000 went to the Islanders- Trashers game. This accounted for over 10% of the fans in attendance. They cheered for the islanders during the game.  This quote, in the Montreal Gazzette, by an Islanders fan made me quite sad for them.

"There's never anyone here so it should be pretty cool - for the atmosphere - to have more people and some noise," Lombardo said.



So, how do you like them Cupcakes!?