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Daily Cupcakes: December 14, 2010


Ever have one of those days that... is just bad?  Yeah, that's me today. Just finished a really long Math exam, that was AWFUL. Only to come on MHH and realize that I the Daily Cupcakes weren't released.  You know why they weren't released? Because I was studying last night and thought I'd have time in the morning!  HA! Anyway... all that to say... I'm sorry!  Please don't be angry! ;)  So here are some cupcakes, and with the way the Boys played last night, I think they are pretty Darn delicious!  Enjoy!


Some well-deserved Matt Duchene love, this time from the NY times:


Matt Duchene wore the gleeful grin of a teenager when the Colorado Avalanche selected the 18-year-old with the third overall pick in the 2009 N.H.L. Draft.


A Recap from the point of view of the Chicago Blackhawks by the Examiner


With the clock winding down, the Blackhawks were on their way to the victory with less than three minutes remaining.

And then the wheels fell off.


Well, for once, it's not the Avalanche bus that is missing its' wheels!  I loved the last three minutes... they were stressful, but AWESOME!!!


ESPN has a short article about the Avs/ Hawks game

Fight night: John Scott took on another heavyweight in David Koci and, once again, Scott came out on top.

Sigh, yeah, I guess that he did.  This just makes me miss Scott Parker.  He was a threat and just having him on the ice made the teams behave, although he didn't get much ice time either...


Another ESPN article, this one a bit more in-depth. Guess what?  Chicago is angry and feel like they deserved the win.

"Devastating, embarrassing, humiliating," Jonathan Toews said. "I don’t know what word you want to use but it’s not going to be a good one. I don’t know what it is. You ask that team over there if they thought they deserved to win tonight. I’m sure they’ll tell you they played far from their best game too.


The Arizona Daily Star had a recap, random, right?  It's very teeny, tiny though.

Tomas Fleischmann and Matt Duchene scored one minute apart late in the third period to help the Colorado Avalanche rally for a 7-5 win over the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday night.


A story about Chris Stewart and Anthony Stewart:

The Stewart brothers had an interesting pathway to the major leagues.