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Daily Cupcakes: December 15th, 2010


Interestingly, CBS Sports in reporting that Hossa might make his return tonight, in their preview of the game.

The Chicago Blackhawks are looking to rebound after a late-game collapse. They might have star forward Marian Hossa available to help them do so.



The Bleacher Report takes a look at the two Avalanche trades

The last three minutes of the Avalanche's 7-5 win over Chicago gave insight into the difference in the quality of play they've gotten from recent acquisitions Tomas Fleischmann and Matt Hunwick.



An article on yet another new face, this one of Greg Mauldin on NewsOK

His locker stall at the Colorado Avalanche's practice facility used to belong to legendary center Joe Sakic.

"I'm really honored," Mauldin said when told of the significance of the corner stall. "Obviously you look up to him. If you didn't look up to him, you better find a new line of work."


An update on Joey Hishon from the Montreal Gazette.

“I think it’s probably the first time I’ve ever been cut from a team,” said Colorado Avalanche prospect Joey Hishon, one of nine players sent packing Tuesday morning. “It’s pretty tough to argue with Hockey Canada’s decision with their track record. I’ll be their biggest fan over Christmas.”