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Daily Cupcakes: December 16th, 2010

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A recap by Post Tribune


Two days after a multitude of sins culminated in allowing three goals in the final three minutes to the Colorado Avalanche and cost the Blackhawks two points, coach Joel Quenneville said his team was seeking "redemption" in a rematch with the very beneficiary of those defensive transgressions at the United Center.

I guess they didn't get that "redemption", thanks in large part to Tomas Fleischmann.


A short mini-blog about the Avs over at Spaces

The Avs are 17-10-4 and in the thick of the Northwest Division race. The team has lost the second-most man games due to injury this season in the league (nearly 400), but has excelled thanks to a deep farm system that has been based upon dynamic skaters and aggressive, attacking forwards.



A story than ran that fateful day in 2001, when Raymond Bourque got to raise the Cup over at the Montreal Gazette

Mostly, however, it brings back memories of Bourque's first and only Stanley Cup -with the Colorado Avalanche. The story below appeared in The Gazette on June 10, 2001.

One thing I have always loved about hockey is the players, yeah feel free to make jokes about that one! But really, the guys always give their all, and with a few vocal exceptions they truly seem to understand the impact that they can have on the fans.  This is one of those stories, although not really an Avalanche story... it's still something that's nice to reinforce how incredible hockey players are. This is from the Leader Telegram.

It's always nice to see when a professional athlete realizes the impact they can have on the lives of people outside of the athletic arena.

Eau Claire's Jake Dowell is clearly one of those players.


A little bit of news for a guy in the system...

"For me personally, this is huge," said Barrie, who started the season with an injury that kept him from attending the Colorado Avalanche NHL training camp. "It was a bit of a letdown to get hurt at Rockets camp and not have the chance to go to Colorado.