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Daily Cupcakes - December 20th


Once again, I am the substitute for awesome cupcakes that are awesome. Try to get by.


Joe Sacco on the win:

"It's satisfying just getting the wins," coach Joe Sacco said after the Avalanche climbed back into first place in the Northwest Division, two points in front of idle Vancouver. cI've used this word before, but we have a resilient group here. It certainly feels good, and it should feel good for the players, too."


T.J. Galiardi wasn't worried that the goal would get overturned last night.

"I knew I didn't do any motions with my hands or a high stick so I figured it would stand," Galiardi said.

From the You Folks Don't Realize How Good You Have It Department, a comment in the DP's recap of the Avs-Sens game the other day points to  MHH for the Galardicus nickname and also praises us for updating the nickname list with our crazed regularity:

For intense jack and others curious about Galiardi's nickname, I've heard him called "Gags" and "Gali" - but according to the following site, it's "Galardicus"! The rest of the list is interesting reading, since it explains the nicknames - and it does appear that it gets updated periodically.

Yeah, it's like that.

And, in case you missed it, Kyle Quincey is done for the year. No, he wasn't playing very well, but no one wants to see a season-ending injury. Get better, Kyle. We look forward to seeing a return of BMF next year.

"This is the best course of action for Kyle and his future," said Avalanche team physician Dr. Andrew Parker.  "After physical and diagnostic tests, the decision has been made to repair his shoulder at this time."

A little praise here for former Avalanche Ben Guite, currently the captain of the Springfield Falcons in the AHL and also on the shelf with an injury.

Ben Guite, who has been out with an injury, provides the American Hockey League club with leadership both on and off the ice. He is one of the Birds’ top penalty killers, along with another injured teammate, Steven Goertzen. Guite and Goertzen are vital to the Falcons’ ability to hang onto close leads late in games, according to coach Rob Riley, and have the intangibles that make them important players. Both Guite and Goertzen have been sidelined since late November.

Speaking of former Avs...can there be another Tyler Arnason in Winnipeg?

Kazuk, a Westwood resident, has emerged as a top offensive weapon, while Jesse Antonyshen (13 goals), Brendan Luschinski (10) and Tyler Arnason (10) are all helping to replace some of the scoring the Warriors lost to graduation.

Have a great Monday, everyone!