Game #34 Recap Drinking Game: Avs vs. Kings

if you weren't aware, Beachie, TheIncredibleEdibleYETI, and I all got together for the Avs-Kings game tonight and we set up some rules for a drinking game.  If you read through the re-cap, you'll notice some references to said drinking game, so after the jump, check out the rules that governed out drunkenness.

Altidudes blab about Kopitar/Doughty = swig o' Guinness


Altidudes jinx the Avs (actually happens) = carbomb


potential Alitdude jinx = swig o' Guinness


every Suba-cool commercial = swig o' Guinness


hat trick/Howe trick = car bomb


natural hattie = car bomb + shot


shortie = car bomb


Ex-Av goal = car bomb


Ex-Av assist = swig o' Guinness


Avs goal = mini-chug


Beachie car bomb for JML goal


Stazz car bomb for Stastny


YETI car bomb for Duchene


big hit = swig o Guiness


fight = car bomb


shot on an odd man chance = swig o Guinness


Holos goal = all car bomb


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