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Daily Cupcakes - December 23rd, 2010


Photo by Rick Stewart / Getty Images


What's with the above photo? Well, it happens to be the only photo of Peter McNab (#8 in the Bruin's jersey) that we have permission to use. And why do we want to run a picture of Peter McNab today, you ask? Because today is December 23rd, the date in 1979 when McNab, Terry O'Reilly (#24 above), Mike Milbury and several other teammates went into the stands at Madison Square Garden after a fan hit Stan Jonathan over the short stadium glass. The incident culminated with Milbury famously hitting a fan with his own shoe. Milbury then traded the fan to the Panthers for Oleg Kvasha and Mark Parrish. I might be confusing some details of the story.

At any rate, I thought it might be fun to find some articles from McNab discussing the incident, but I haven't had any luck finding any (McNab was suspended for 6 games and fined $500). Over the years, I've noticed that the shoe incident is never referenced on the air by either McNab or his partner Mike Haynes. Perhaps this is something that McNab doesn't like to discuss?

So, in lieu of interesting links about the incident, I have the youtube clip below, as well as a good biography on McNab's career. Oh and don't forget to check out the photo gallery as well.




(One interesting thing about the picture. McNab, of course, is the color guy for the Avs. The goalie is John Garret, color guy for the Canucks and Hockey Night in Canada and the defenseman is Denis Potvin, color guy for the Senators).