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A Christmas Poem

It’s the night before Christmas
And all ‘round the rink
All the players are resting
Even Radar (we think)

The uniprons, mercifully,
Hang unused in each locker
And yes, I’m still bitter
About that uniform shocker

The whole league is taking
A well-deserved break
For the holiday thing:
Egg nog and fruit cake

So now is the time
To look back at our team
The first 35 games –
Has it all been a dream?

Matt has 34 points –
Most of his draft class
Hey, New York and Tampa
Our guy’s kicking your ass.

And don’t forget Stastny
Who’s just two behind
It’s clear that his father
Was not one of a kind

While Hejduk’s been out
- A tough loss to have -
He’ll soon pass Joe Sakic
For most games as an Av

We can’t forget Liles,
Hot Pocket’s his name
After a few so-so seasons
He’s on top of his game

Chris Stewart remains
Our team’s sole biggest loss
We hope he’s back soon
To start showing who’s boss

And Jones, Flash and Winnik
Are all sorts of win
Shattenkirk, too
But he’s tough to fit in.

My favorite is Mauldin
And his humongous smile
Oh, and blistering speed
And his hard-working style.

Can’t forget the two Ryans,
Snatch and Mack Truck
When they have you lined up
Yeah, you might want to duck

And, of course, there’s Footer
Our cranky old leader
He’s still tough, mean and dirty
Just not much of a speeder

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Remain on the shelf
I think both will be better
When they get back to full health

Mueller? Who knows
What’s going on in that head
We do miss you Ferris
Wait, is that you in the bed?

Our goaltending? Well,
I can’t say it’s the best
But it will come around
I’m not going to be stressed

To our head coach, Joe Sacco,
I offer a hearty big cheer
There’s no doubt in my mind
You’re the coach of the year

It hasn’t always been pretty
Though it’s sure been a blast
This team may not be perfect
But holy cow they are fast.

The bus is still making
Its slow steady advance
Fueled by our love
Of the Bangety Bang Dance

The season still has
Many games left to play
If you keep up the good work
You could be playing in May

Heck, we could see you in June
If things fall into place
This team may not be far
From the Stanley Cup race

So enjoy your days off
and time with loved ones
When play resumes Monday
We want rested young guns!




From all of us here at Mile High Hockey,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Be safe out there!