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Game 37 Preview: Colorado Avalanche at Edmonton Oilers


I don't think there's a lot that needs to be said about this game tonight. The Avs need to win. The Avalanche played an excellent game on Monday - penalty kill notwithstanding - and all they got out of it was a lousy loser point. The Avs are now 6 points behind the Canucks in the NW Division race and just 1 ahead of the 9th-place team in the Western Conference.There's no need to panic yet...but a loss tonight would move my finger a lot closer to that big red panic button. The Avs have already had one disappointing loss in Edmonton this year...let's not make it two, okay?

Go Avs!

Avalanche vs Oilers coverage

The Copper & Blue



Colorado Edmonton
13th 43 Points  28th 30
2nd 3.42 GF/G  19th 2.57
28th 3.25 GA/G  30th 3.29
4th 23.2 PP%  25th 15.6
29th 75.9 PK%  30th 72.3
15th 30.7 S/G 29th 25.7
19th 31.1 SA/G 28th 34.1
19th 49.2 FO%  29th 45.1
18th 13.2 PIM/G  22nd 14.9
Duchene 36 pts Top Scorer Whitney 27 pts