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Daily Cupcakes: December 31st, 2010

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Well, here it is: my last Daily Cupcakes for the year 2010.

My first cupcake for the day isn't Avs related. For those who didn't watch the Canada- Czech Republic game.


Schwartz left the game in the first period with what was deemed a lower-body injury, but he eventually returned and scored a goal.

Why am I mentioning this? Because the kid is out for the remainder of the tournament with a fractured ankle.



A Toronto Star article about Kevin Shattenkirk. I love how much press this kid is getting. I don't remember Matt Duchene getting this much press. The first bit of the article is about his recent injury, the rest is about his play at the beginning of the season through now.

Kevin Shattenkirk feels fortunate, despite looking as though he was on the wrong end of a sparring session with Mike Tyson in his prime.


The National Post has an article about four teams that have built the team around one player. The Islanders being one of them.
The real question is whether Tavares will even live up to his billing. As it stands, the first overall pick in 2009 not the most talented forward to come out of his draft class — that would be Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche.



An article about Marek Svatos and his return to the NHL, I really do hope things work out for him there. He has a great amount of talent- he just needs to invest in a lot of bubble wrap.

After completing his physicals, Svatos joined the team on the ice at the end of Thursday’s practice and was greeted by an ovation from the handful of fans at Centennial Sportsplex.



An Oilers- Avalanche recap

"I thought today was kind of up in the air, I think," Stastny said. "We dominated the first half, they dominated the second half, we had our chances, they had their chances, and in the end we capitalized on one of the shootouts and Andy made some big saves for us."


In my last Cupcakes, I said the Avs needed to start winning, and I said that the Oilers was a good place for them to start... so dare I say it? The Avalanche need to keep accumulating wins, and the game against the Flames is a good place to keep getting them. The Avalanche just need to keep an eye on Alex Tanguay, who has 29 points in 37 games, and who seems to have the Avs number.


I hope all of you have a safe and happy New Year. Be careful out there tonight Ladies and Gents.