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Daily Cupcakes: December 6th, 2010

After the poll, Daily Cupcakes won. So let's see where this takes us. See how long it lasts before people get tired of the name. As disappointed as I am with how the boys have been losing for the last few games, I'm even more disheartened by going around the Internets and looking for quotes. Not much happy out there when it comes to Avalanche Hockey. So, umm, Happy Monday?!

A recap of the Tampa/ Colorado game.

Tampa Bay had dropped six consecutive games in the series.

With a stat like that, it's no wonder the boys lost!

Another recap... apparently they publish their reaps fairly early:

Lighting edge Avalanche 6-3

Yes, they had an "Update" with the score and the article itself is pretty good.  Including:

Lightning D Victor Hedman reached 100 career NHL games. St. Louis is one shy of 800. ... Avalanche RW Milan Hejduk had two assists, extending his points streak to seven games. ...

Kevin Shattenkirk is getting some love over at

Colorado called up its top pick in the 2007 Entry Draft a month ago when injuries decimated its defensive corps. Little did they Avs know they were getting an offensive boost as well. Shattenkirk has 13 points during a nine-game scoring streak that continued when he had 2 assists on Saturday. Overall, he has 16 points in his first 16 NHL games.

An article from the Winnipeg Sun  had a little article about the players who used to play for the Jets, Whalers and Nordiques.

The Nordiques, who moved to Colorado in 1995, the year before the Jets moved to Phoenix, boast just one alumni still playing — Avalanche defenceman Adam Foote.

I found this to be interesting:

One would think that as the Panthers' backup goalie, Scott Clemmensen wouldn't face the pressures of being in a shootout situation as much as Tomas Vokoun does.

Yet because he's the backup, Clemmensen probably sees more one-on-one shots and takes on more pucks on a daily basis than Vokoun does. Being there for target practice long after practice officially ends is one of the roles the backup gets to play.

I wonder if this is a reason that Budaj seems more comfortable in the shootout. This might also be why his rebound control isn't quite as good.

And Joe Sakic news!

Sakic, the Avs' all-time leading scorer and future Hall of Famer, will join Lacroix and Sherman at today's start of the NHL board of governors meeting here, a source close to Sakic said today. He has previously stated his desire to get into the buisness side.

However, Sakic has not accepted a formal job with the Avalanche as yet. He is sitting in with Lacroix and Sherman — at Lacroix's invitation — to begin the process of learning more about the hockey business, for a possible future role with the team in management.