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Daily Cupcakes: December 9th, 2010

Don't you hate clicking a link in Google and it comes up with something completely random.  I mean, can you imagine clicking on the link "Daily Cupcakes" and seeing a bunch of random hockey stories? Because since we've renamed the Links and Bits, that's been happening to a few folks.  I was curious so I went and looked it up...

"Cupcakes" brought :


  • Three visitors on December 1st
  • One visitor (kinda) on December 2nd - they were looking for "icing"
  • (These in-between days I am lacking information on)
  • Two visitors on December 6th
  • None on December 7th (although Rickman and "ffffuu" each brought one)
  • One visitor on December 8th
Oh, and Beachie, there have been 61 people that have visited the site in the last three days looking for information on Tim Tebow!  


Hope that was as much for you as it was for me. Today is lacking in some Avalanche information, I mean... it's been so many days since we've had a hockey game!  What else can you expect?  Okay, I lied, there was a game Tuesday night - allegedly.  And if said game actually occurred, well, there were issues.



Something definitely not Kosher at the Panthers / Avalanche game.  They ran out of yarmulkes!! Or, rather, the "for all ticket holders" became for only select ticket holders.

On Tuesday night, the Florida Panthers held what they called "the biggest Hanukkah party in South Florida" and handed out what we called "simply one of the greatest fan giveaways in recent NHL history": the official Florida Panthers yarmulke.

(It was also a night honoring the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals between the Panthers and the visiting Colorado Avalanche, but who cares about Brian Skrudland and Joe Sakic(notes) when there are yarmulkes to be had, right?)


Because of the '96 throwback, I decided to go looking for newspaper clippings for the '96 playoff run... what?  I said I was snowed in!!!

Here's one from Virginia announcing the sweep- it's on Page 6. 

This one talks about Claude Lemieux!


Want to have dinner where Joe Sakic  and John Elway are speakers? Are you in Saskatoon? Better yet do you have 250$ a person?  If you do... here's your chance!

John Elway and Joe Sakic have an engagement in Saskatoon.

The two retired athletes are slated to be guest speakers at the 51st annual Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner, slated for Feb. 4 at TCU Place


Here are some numbers, for you sadistic statistic fiends!


While the Colorado Avalanche are currently second in the NHL in goals scored per game (3.41), their fourth worst goals allowed average (3.19) is hindering them. In fact, if the playoffs began today, the Avalanche would not make it in the Western Conference. They are projected to end up with 91 points, while the playoff threshold projection currently stands at 95.

I love reading good things about the guys that are coming up in the system.

Joey Hishon, C, Colorado (17th) - Maybe the stunner of the draft when the Avalanche picked him after an injury-plagued season with Owen Sound in the Ontario Hockey League, Hishon is destroying the OHL with 42 points in 21 games this season. Like Skinner, maybe not a steal, but not a reach either.