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Game 58 Preview: Blues at Avalanche


Vs_medium Matchavalanche_medium
St Louis Blues
7:30 MT / 9:30 ET / 2:30 GMT
Colorado Avalanche
25-24-9 February 8th, 2010
59 pts
Pepsi Center
70 pts
13th in West
Denver, CO
6th in West


So, is it all gravy now? The Avalanche have surpassed their 2008-2009 point total - the first NHL team this year to do so. We have officially improved on last season. Matt Duchene is every bit as good as we hoped he'd be, and some many of the other Renegades are having bust out seasons. We've found two vital elements that we've been lacking in recent years: a goalie we can trust and a coach we can believe in. We're all good, right?

Its not so easy, though, is it? You set your expectations low, but as soon as you get the taste of blood you want to gorge yourself on the blood of your opponents. I touched on this not too long ago (sending the team into a tailspin), but even though we're currently the most improved team in the league, that goal is forgotten. The playoffs are in our grasp, and the Avalanche need 27 points in the final 24 games to make sure they are there.

Two points tonight would knot them back up with the Vancouver Canucks atop the Northwest Division. Vancouver would still hold the top spot due to tiebreakers, but the Avalanche still want to put on the pressure here.

Mondays have been very good to the Avalanche this year; the Avs are a perfect 7-0 with 3 shutouts (including 1 by Peter Budaj against the Blues back in December). The Blues are 2-4 on the Boomtown Rats' least-favorite day.

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