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Avalanche Trade Tracker


Welcome to the 2010 Mile High Hockey Avalanche Trade Deadline Tracker (or '10MHHATDT for short). We will be keeping close tabs on any trades that go down over the next 24 hours for our beloved Avalanche. If you want updates for other teams, you're in the wrong place. However, we will post certain items if we find interest in them. Here's to hoping General Sherman doesn't rock the boat too much, but rather, just enough to compliment the current AVS line up of awesomeness.

Trade deadline: March 3rd, 1pm MST.

Avalanche Signings/Trades:

AVS sign G  Josh Grahame, sent to minors. Budaj safe for now.

Avalanche Trade Rumors:

Wolski on the block? Said TSN's Bob McKenzie:

  1. If Wolski were to be traded to Phoenix, Mueller and something else would obviously be involved. Phoenix has been shopping Mueller. Hard.
  2. Wolski is by no means fire sale and not guaranteed to be moved but if u look at long-range salary implications, Avs are exploring options.


Other news/trades/signings of interest to MHH from around the league:

The Penguins send Former AV Martin Skoula (traded as excess) along with prospect Luca Caputi to Toronto to join former AV Jeff "the" Finger in the press box, all for the Leaf's Alexi Ponikarovsky.

Former AV Jordan Leoprone Leopold has been traded by Florida to Pittsburgh for a 2nd round pick.

The KHL says they will try to lure Ilya Kovalchuk to the KHL this June when he his NHL contract expires. Just imagine their sales pitch: "Hey Kovi, come play with us! It's cold as shit and you can be linemates with Trailor Arnason!" Or maybe, "Russia: at least it isn't New Jersey".


AVS Rumored to be on the trading block:

Wojtek Wolski

John-Michael Liles

Brett Clark

Ruslan Salei

Marek Svatos

Other notables:


Tom Preissing


Darcy Tucker

Brian Willsie

Peter Budaj

T.J. Hensick

David Koci

Keep your eye on the comments section below for up-to-the-second updates from our army of MHH loyalists.