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Should Matt Cooke Have Been Suspended?

Probably one of the hottest topics in the NHL right now are the seemingly endless amounts of hits to the head of NHL players. Should NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell suspended Penguins forward Matt Cooke for his devastating hit on Marc Savard?

Marc Savard suffered a grade 2 concussion on the play when Cooke came across and leveled him with a shoulder to the head. By definition it was a "clean" hit and Cooke didn't violate any league rules. At least not yet. The main focus of this past weeks general manager's meetings in Boca Raton, FL (they definitely spare no expense putting these meetings on).

From everything that has come out of the meetings, it looks like that it is now going to cost players at a minimum a two minute minor, potentially a five minute major. The thinking behind this is that if while the player is in the box and a team scores a goal against, it could cost the team a win. Now a days, with points being as vital as there are to making the playoffs, this could really make a difference. What does everyone else think?