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Game 68 Preview: Avalanche at Stars

Vs_medium Matchstars_medium
Colorado Avalanche
1 MT / 3 ET / 8 GMT
Dallas Stars
38-23-6 March 14th, 2010
82 pts American Airlines Center
71 pts
6th in West
Dallas, TX 11th in West


It's Sunday morning, I lost an hour of sleep and I've got 3 8-year-olds running around my house firing noisy space guns at each other. In other words, I'm going to make this brief.

The Avalanche take on the Dallas Stars this afternoon. The Avs are just 3 points ahead of 7th place (Nashville), 4 ahead of 8th (Detroit) and 5 ahead of 9th (Calgary). You know what that means: yet another mus-win game for the heroes in burgundy and blue.

Craig Anderson is making his 60th start of the season. He'll become the 4th goalie in franchise history to hit that mark (following Patrick Roy, David Aebischer and Dan Bouchard). Patrick Roy holds the franchise record with 65 starts, a mark Anderson should pass easily this year. More importantly, he's 6 wins behind Roy's franchise record of 40. It'd be great to have him move one closer today.

Derek "Tex" Bell has the recap today, but it'll be up a little later than normal. (That's what she said)

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