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NHL 'Justice'

So Alex Ovechkin just got hit with a two game suspension for this hit:

Alexander Ovechkin injures Brian Campbell (via NHLArchive)

Questionable and reckless, yes, but not an attempt to injure. Now take a look at this, also from yesterday:

Steve Downie's Cheap Shot On Sidney Crosby (3-14-2010) (via GhostWalker40)

That, to me, is a blatant attempt to injure and it happened well away from the play. So far I've heard nothing about whether Steve Downie is going to get suspended and Tampa Bay plays tomorrow. However, Sidney Crosby wasn't seriously injured on the play and we all know that the NHL tends to suspend based on injury. So what do you think? Should Ovie have been suspended? Should Downie be suspended? Which play is worse in your mind?