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Quote of the Night: Game 75


It's the QotN!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating the Avalanche team effort last night, here's an appropriate team effort from the always mature MHH crew:


haha yeah, me paraphrasing Footer, "You know, playin with Cummers, i feel alot better about jumpin up into the play" - jacksonc345

that sounds like a line out of a bad porno. - InfamousM

Hahahaha, I always think it should be preceded by "Up and" - sandiegee

Well, when you're playing with a Cummer you’ve got to be ready to jump into the action. - airforcefoo

gotta watch out for premature action by Cummer though - SDCat09

When you're working with him, you have to be ready because you might not have a large window of opportunity. - airforcefoo

Sometimes he’s just too fast for his partner - Canary

And he often shoots prematurely - airforcefoo

You’d better be wearing a visor - Pinchy