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An Open Letter To The Avalanche

Dear Avalanche,

I hope this letter finds you well. We're not the most-prolific letter writers around, but we have found ourselves moved to write previously to such notables as Sandy Clough, the NHL and the greatest hockey player to ever live (clearly, we're not averse to a little hyperbole from time to time). It occurs to us that we've neglected you, dear Avalanche, and we feel like we need to rectify that immediately.

So, dearest Avalanche, how goes the battle? We're fine here, thanks for asking. Oh, Martha had that nasty flare up a while back, but that seems to be under control. The less we speak of that, the better. We're just glad it's behind her. And Herbert is still puttering away in the flower garden as usual. I swear, someday we'll end up burying him out there, right between the petunias and his prized begonias. Overall, we are well.

To be honest, friend, it's you that we're a little worried about. Yes, we know you've had a marvelous year. That Andy fella has been quite an addition to the family and boy haven't those young guns grown up so darn quickly? Gosh, it seems like only yesterday some of those boys were just knee high to a grasshopper and now look at them. We're so proud of all of you.

Now, we're only going to say this because we care, but we've heard some disturbing news lately and we hope you can set us straight. We've heard you've had some relapses recently, and there's even talk you might fold up shop earlier than expected this year. Avalanche, you have to know we're going to be proud of you no matter what happens, as it's been wonderful spending time with you this year - far more entertaining than we've ever imagined. But you know how it goes, dear friend. Once you get a taste of something sweet, you don't want to give it up, especially when your taste buds have been exposed to a lot of tartness. Our time with you has been so enjoyable this year, we simply don't want our visits together to end. We know they can't last forever, but we'd sure like to prolong the magic for a while longer. Don't you agree?

So, dearest Avalanche, let's all work together to plan for a longer trip. Pay no attention to those Canadians who are pressuring you towards an early departure. No one cares what they think.  You can leave when you want to leave and we sure would appreciate you sticking around for a lot longer. Please.

Heck, the guest room is free until mid-June if you think you can stick around that long.


The Mile High Faithful


PS I heard you've got a big new dog. You can find a kennel for him, right? Martha's deathly allergic and Herbert thinks he looks ridiculous.