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Game 76 Preview: Ducks at Avalanche

Vs_medium Matchavalanche_medium
Anaheim Ducks
7 MT / 9 ET / 2 GMT
Colorado Avalanche
36-31-8 March 31st, 2010
80 pts Pepsi Center
89 pts
11th in West
Denver, CO
8th West


Okay, new tactic. In this preview, there will be no mention of magic numbers, games in hand, other teams in action, seeding implications or any of that other slide rule nonsense. And there certainly won't be any mention of Jim Corsi or a certain Canadian team we all dislike. There's no point in throwing out all the possibilities of what can and can't happen tonight. Because, in the end, there's only one set  that matters. The Avalanche can win tonight, but they can't wait any longer to elevate their game. And that starts in net.

The Avalanche have allowed 3 goals or more in 13 of the 14 games since the Olympic Break. Craig Anderson has an 898 save percentage over that span. He needs to play better. Much better. Tired, unlucky or under-confident? Doesn't matter. Playing behind a struggling defense, composed of 6 players chosen nightly at random? Doesn't matter. Time to do what #1 goalies do: Get. It. Done. Come on, Craig. Do it for Martha.

Brandon Yip, Ryan Wilson, David Jones, Stephane Yelle and, for good measure, David Koci are all gearing up for a return soon. Wilson and Yip appear to be closest to returning. Yip won't play tonight, but may be ready by Friday against the...whoops, almost broke my promise.

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