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It Ain't Over


I know how you feel. Last night was a dismal, gut-wrenching night that made me feel like I was watching Andrew Brunette score that OT goal in 2003 all over again. It was so depressing, I turned it off before the game was over - something I never do - and when I tuned in to the Calgary game later to see if Hanna Labarbera and the Phoenix Coyotes were helping us out at all, I couldn't watch either.

I'm worried. I'm worried that all the positives we've seen in this season are going to be erased by a late-season collapse. And I'm especially upset that it would be the freaking Flames doing to us what we tried - but ultimately failed - to do to them in 2007. The bitter taste that THAT would leave in my mouth would take a long, long time to wash away.

The proverbial fat lady is not singing yet, though. The Avalanche are not playing great hockey right now for sure, with some exceptions (the Duchene line, Radar O'Reilly, Kid Cumiskey and the Highlander). It's not a done deal yet, though - even if *gulp* the Avalanche lose on Friday. The Avalanche still have a game in hand on the Flames and own all the tiebreakers as well. Mathematically, this is far from over. It's probably going to right down to the wire (unfortunately), but the Avs still can do this.

My faith is shaken today, but not broken. The Avalanche are going to find their game and get into the playoffs.

I still believe.