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Stan Kroenke's Must Declare Intentions On St Louis Rams Today

Today is the day that Stan Kroenke must announce his intentions on the St Louis Rams, a team he owns 40% share in. Someone is purchasing the 60% majority of the Rams and as part of that agreement, Kroenke has options to sell his share, exercise matching rights to purchase the team or do nothing. Kroenke can't become a majority owner in the NFL because of his ownership of the Avalanche and Nuggets. There is talk, however, that Kroenke might sell his 40% stake in the Rams to fund a purchase of a larger stake in the Arsenal football club.

I found the following quote from the dispatch article amusing:

But no one knows for sure until Kroenke declares. Even friends and associates who have spent a lot of time with Kroenke over the past couple of months say he hasn't tipped his hand. Over that time, Kroenke has met with Khan on more than one occasion, so the two appear to be building a relationship. But sources close to Khan also say they have no idea what Kroenke will do.

Yep, that sounds about right. The Avs' run a notoriously tight-lipped ship...and that starts right at the top.