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Mike's Miscellany™ Vol. IX - Playoff Edition!!

Today we're going to talk about how to prepare for the playoffs.  Many of you know this stuff, but for others it may be new.  So I figured I'd just give a few simple pointers to the newer members of the MHH community, any fans that stumble over during the post-season, the bandwagoners, the Pepsi Center faithful, and Dater in case there were any nagging questions you might have as our beloved Avalanche head into the playoffs for the first time since Theo left the Mile High City.

  1. Wear your gear. Pretty self-explanatory actually.  Rock those Avs jerseys/hats/tees/panties EVERYWHERE you can.  Also highly recommended: Anything like this, this and this.
  2. Review the Glossary and the List o' Nicknames in order to be caught up on the shenanigans that will be going on during what are sure to be EPIC GDT threads.
  3. Cancel all mini-golf games unless they can be scheduled between rounds of the playoffs.
  4. Parallel to #3: Respect all streaks.
  5. Similar to #4: No predictions/declarations during the course of the games.  Pinchy knows what I'm talking about.
  6. Start a Ridiculous Playoff Tradition (RPT).  Two years ago the Mrs. and I ate BBQ chicken wings before every playoff game.  This season, I may go with something less likely to destroy my lower GI tract.  Maybe we'll do chicken nuggets instead. Mmmmmm, nuggets.  Wait. Where was I?  Right, RPT's.  Do something fun that brings the Playoffs into your life.  Gotta personal grooming habit that can go on hold a couple of weeks and not endanger your employment? Have at it!  Certain song or video to listen to before every game?  Crank that shiz to 11! Wanna roll #1 and this into one? Go. For. It.
  7. Discussion of Corsi as it relates to the success/failure of the Avalanche during the playoffs will result in a lifetime ban on this site and an accompanying lifetime membership to this site.
  8. Chat up everybody you know with tales of this exciting young team. Be borderline obnoxious, but not whiny.  Nobody wants to be confused for a certain locale in Michigan that claims to be "Hockeytown". Also, continue to produce the photo-chops.  The regular season has seen some great work.  I expect everybody to raise their game.  Skatebaker has already dropped the gauntlet.
  9. I require a minimum of 5 posts in the GDT thread with "SKEET!" after every Kyle Cumiskey goal.

  10. Dont_feed_the_trolls_medium



That's it really.  Have fun. Post often. Let's Go Avs!!!!!!!!!!!!!